I ate bad food and paid for it. It’s common for those on the spectrum to suffer from some kind of gastro-intestinal problems. Mine are that I don’t digest some carbohydrates well. Or at all, in fact. I can’t eat oats, wheat and gluten without severe *issues* … i.e. upset tummy, gas, all lovely attractive stuff like that. Mild Celiac, apparently.

At work on Monday, a bad day, I decided I wanted comfort food: a Yorkshire Pudding, filled with sausages and gravy … every one of which contained copious amounts of wheat. End result: pain, pain, pain, toilet visits …

But I couldn’t help myself. I’m an adult. I have plenty of experience of the results of eating food that doesn’t agree with me, no matter how much I like it. I know the damage it causes, but it makes me feel good to eat it … it’s not like I’m shooting up.

Of course, I regret it now. Until the next time.

It's called "Toad in the hole". Seriously.