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I hate wool with a passion. Just touching it makes me feel nauseous – it actually makes me feel sick. It also generates that cringing reaction you might feel when someone runs their nails across a blackboard or scratches a fork on a plate. Sets your teeth on edge. If I were to put wet wool into my mouth and bite on it, I would actually vomit. I can’t explain any of this: it just is. I don’t own wool clothes. Wool is rough and scratchy, and irritates me so much that if I wore a woollen jumper/sweater, after about 5 minutes my skin would hurt just like after windburn.

I also get really, really annoyed by the seams in socks. Socks should be all one piece against my skin. Seams flick against my toenails, and get beneath them. I become aware of this and so totally focussed on it, I can’t think about anything else until I rectify the problem – by wearing my socks inside out. Sorted. This is the other reason I wear socks inside out: presentation (I have to wear black socks for work but none with seams that I’m happy with, so I wear good socks against my skin, and less good socks over the top) and pressure.

So: I don’t wear wool and I wear my socks inside out.