… an example: at a barbecue, my Mum and I were in the kitchen doing something or other. A man came in and I joked “Oooh look, there’s a man in the kitchen! Does he know what to do in here?”. He replied, “I’m surprised YOU know what to do in here!”.

I didn’t get it. I thought he meant it and was angry at me for insulting him. I said, “Mum, what does he mean?!” She looked at me puzzled. “He’s just joking, same as you were. It was a joke.”

This is common to Aspies, although, as with nearly everything else Neurotypicals take for granted, we improve with age. I get jokes now. I don’t think they’re all funny 😛 But I get them with no trouble. I can even make them, although what I think is funny and what someone else thinks is funny are often two different things.

I particularly enjoy Sarcasm. It’s not the lowest form of wit: you only say that if you can’t do it. Ha.