Apparently one of the royal family (at least one) was possibly an Aspie. If you read this article, you can make your own mind up. What interested me most about EW possibly being on the spectrum were the reactions of other people to his behaviours. If he WAS on the spectrum, the reactions of his peers are what makes me keep quiet. They called him “mad” (heard that one before!). Some of my family always simply thought there was something broken with me that needed to be fixed, forcibly fixed if necessary, in order for me to fit in. They think I’m weird and mad and even evil in some cases – just like EW.

The documentation and research into ASD nowadays is prolific – and that’s great. On a personal level, however, I’m interested in people like me: those who grew up undiagnosed and tortured for being different. I wonder if it’s like being gay, to some extent? And growing up with familial and societal expectations thrust upon you by a dominant order that does not want to accept you, that blames you for your biology as if you have committed a crime and that calls you a disappointment because you don’t fulfill someone else’s expectations …

Tony Attwood and others discuss the view (hopefully dead or dying) that Aspie children are just brats, badly parented, and can be “fixed” by the right parenting (including spanking) during a podcast aired 14/12/2009 by Talking Life:

Royal and crazy. It's possible.