Many of us on the Autism Spectrum love and need deep pressure stimulation. I love having my blood pressure taken. It calms and relaxes, and can decompress me after a hard day. It aids my sleep considerably – in fact, in the Summer, when it’s really hot (and bear in mind I live in a country which does not use air conditioning in homes because it’s only hot for about two weeks a year) my sleep is badly affected. Some people can snooze under a sheet: I can’t. I feel unsafe and exposed, as if I’m waiting to be attacked. I’d rather sweat buckets than sleep under one sheet. I have been known to pile all my bed covers on my feet when it’s been simply TOO hot to cope with covers. I will still take longer to fall asleep, but it’s better than none at all.

Sleeping bliss is currently achieved by several quilts and blankets and a cat on top of me when I go to bed. As said big heavy cat sleeps on my arm or chest, he provides much welcomed deep pressure to my top half.

My legs, however, must be weighted down in some way for me to sleep: I usually manage this by sleeping under two quilts and then laying an extra single quilt plus a blanket on the bottom half of the bed.

BUT now I’ve discovered Weighted Blankets and I want you to buy me one.

If I slept beneath a pile of rocks, I’d conk out in a flash and sleep as deeply as if I were in a coma. One of these blankets will do until I collect enough rocks.