No, really.

I first noticed something was wrong with me at the beginning of August when I realised that I hadn’t cared about my hair for an unclear amount of time. I wasn’t straightening it, styling it, tying it back, nothing. I washed it and let it dry, and that was it. Normally, I straighten all of it, but at the very least my fringe/bangs are not permitted to remain wavy.

I once joked with someone that you could tell my state of mind by the state of my hair. When my team leader asked me twice if I’d been dragged through a hedge backwards, I remembered saying it. My hair has been a mess for several weeks – and I haven’t cared a bit.

Additionally, I have been stuttering frequently. And then I started dropping things. I’m surprised my phone still works.

So I started looking as scruffy as Ke$ha, stuttering and dropping everything I lay my hands on.

THEN I noticed that I was stressed.