They’re not really, I’m just generating controversy with a cheap tagline to garner attention.

Apologies for the lack of posts recently. I went back to work after a two week break, elder daughter departed for university, younger daughter went back to school, so my brain has been absolutely overloaded with stuff to do … that I’m not getting done.

House has CHAOS syndrome. The extra school work that helped younger daughter improve grades earlier this year has yet to appear because I can’t think when I get home. I literally get home so brain dead that I can’t do more than dinner and Farmville.

We’re only two weeks into school or so, so I can fix the child’s extra work situation easily – everything will function better if I sleep more. I feel a bit lost without my computer time in the evenings, but I’m getting so tired and braindead that it’s affecting my work, and I refuse to spend all my days off sleeping. Such a waste of time! Sleep is crap!