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Some Aspies have sensitivity to sound – I do. Smells don’t bother me at all, but some sound can make me feel sick. If I’m in a city or somewhere similarly noisy, I usually wear my headphones and play a podcast on my phone, etc. Alternatively I use ear plugs – these are great if you can stand them in your ears. There are two types available: some are smooth, with a plastic outer layer/coating. I can use these. Another type, that seems to be most common, particularly on planes or in the travel section of shops, has a much rougher outer layer that I cannot stand. The plastic ones don’t expand much if at all, but the rougher ones seem to swell up in my ears until my lugholes feel like they’re about to burst.

Another alternative, as not everyong likes putting stuff into their ears, is to follow Jett Travolta’s lead: he used to wear the type of headphones that only cover the outside of his ears. See here for an example. It was interesting to see a boy of about twelve at work this Summer (while I worked in a quiet corner of a theme park) wearing very similar headphones. He was causing himself problems though – he wouldn’t take them off, but they were so big that the ride harnesses wouldn’t fit over them. He therefore couldn’t go on any of the rides he really, really wanted to go on. Meltdown alert!