The new job is so far going superbly well. My fatalistic side is still waiting for something to go wrong (cat is staring at me) but I don’t know if that’s because the last job was so horrendous or because I’m being realistic. I’m not used to jobs going this well for this long. Perhaps it just means I have found a job that suits me (cat is still staring at me).

It’s a Call Centre job, but it’s not a big call centre. Maybe about thirty of us in total. I sit on a bank of desks with one other person – who I coincidentally worked with at the last job (still staring at me), though the bank could seat eight. The light isn’t too bright, the room is dark brick (not staring anymore), I can wander off for a break whenever I want, my attention is focussed on my computer screen (I love computers almost as much as my children) and each call is different – but not so different that too much information floods my brain and overwhelms me.

I can just get on with it. My manager is laid back and can hear me all the time – and yet leaves me alone, because clearly the way I work yields results. I am improving consistently week after week, to the point that today I hammered everyone else on the team, beating their figures by £300 (ca. $600).

It amazes me that somehow the debtors talk to me and listen to me and converse with me. I am so calm at work that they can hear that and they can also tell that I understand being in debt. What amazes me most of all is that when people start giving me aggro, I just don’t care. I really don’t. It does not bother me one bit. They started yelling and the moment they hear me say “Yeah, ok, I understand” instead of reciprocating in kind, they stop. It’s madness. They can tell I don’t care – and I really, really don’t care about them getting angry. MENTAL! But also brilliant.

There are no egos or control freaks at this place, and no time for them either. They just don’t get employed. I LOVE THAT. They also get rid of crappy people who drag the team down … so far, I’m nowhere near being a crappy person who drags the team down. I actually kick ass on my team’s behalf, and consistently come third in the figures.

So far, so good! Amazing!