I was coping badly with work – again, not the work itself, but the over-stimulation, something I thought I was able to deal with. I hit target after target after target, and yet my manager was pretty difficult to deal with. I don’t know if she is the bitch she claims to be or if it’s just me not able to cope with work. I don’t know. I ended up walking out. Not good. They wanted me to lie to people, for one thing, and that’s not something I’m going to do. They call it creative language, but I call it lying. Telling people things are going to happen that aren’t, acting as if Debt Collectors had powers they don’t … I can’t do it! I didn’t need to, I was smashing my targets without compromising my integrity.

So back to the start again. Terrific, but it means I can write again for a while – including an expose about debt collectors. LOL.