It’s so tiring and sometimes I get spectacularly fed up with it. Life is so freakin’ hard. I’ve been reading this post this evening, questioning what authenticity is. It hits the nail on the head. We live in a world in which the mantra of a million girls’ magazines and Disney is “Be Yourself!”, but My Self doesn’t fit in and people don’t like it. So what am I supposed to do? I get too tired to act “normal” some days so people think negatively about me – and rarely talk to me again. People do not like Aspies and that’s a sad fact. At least, they like the ones who try to fit in all the time, but if you are an Aspie who struggles with that and simply is not physically capable of fitting in all the time, you’re excluded and disliked. You’re weird/a loner/horrible/miserable etcetera. Put yourself on the receiving end of that and think about how it feels: the world tells you to be yourself and when you do it hates you.