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I had such plans for this blog … and then I forgot all about them.

Anyhoo, I have another new job, the fourth in six months. You know from previous posts about the Monorail driving and the Debt Collecting. I spent three hours in a poky little office for a garden centre who, so I was told at the interview, wanted my two degrees and computer knowledge and language, just had me make coffee and mess around with Photoshop. Also, the room was a tiny little firetrap that made me want to scream with claustrophobia (and I’m not claustrophobic), but sharing a room with three other women filled with electrical equipment and mud was not what I signed up for. So, I moved on again.

I’m not used to changing jobs this much, but I’ve literally walked out of the last three, so I am hoping beyond hope that this new one is a keeper. I need stability and an income. I’m working in insurance now, in a large, busy, bright office, so I’m not sure how that’s going to work out. I’m taking steps to look after my Aspie-ness and I’m determined to make it work. I wear ear plugs to and from work to lessen my auditory stimulus levels, and sun glasses on all my breaks. I don’t look up too much and take off for walks outside at breaks.

As a religious person, I pray a lot for support too. I’ve been close to crying twice but fortunately I’m not monitored to the point of Nazism like at the debt collection agency so I can take comfort breaks when I need to.

I could really do with hearing from you guys about how you cope with work. What strategies do you use??