I keep reading about the opinions of parents of autistic children and they seem to really hate their kids. They spout words like “I love my amazing kid” but then they say “Aspies are SO manipulative”.

I’m an Aspie and I don’t even know what that means. Being an Aspie means the opposite of being manipulative. In order to manipulate someone, you need to have an understanding of behaviour and having a social disorder means you don’t! Duh!

What I think is that these parents are the manipulators. They want you to think that they are great parents, devoted and martyrs, but they actually want you to feel sorry for them for having such an awful, abnormal child. I was on the receiving end of that. One of my parents learned to exaggerate and even lie about me in order to earn sympathy.

An NT friend of mine attended a support group for parents of Auties, and felt the same way. These parents were backslapping each other on being heroes with their “manipulative” children. What she told me made this support group seem like a Hate Group.

These parents are not heroes. They are manipulators and attention seekers. If they think their lives are hard, imagine being trapped inside a body and brain that make you feel like such a freak and so confused that sometimes death seems like the best option.

When a transgender person feels they are trapped in the wrong body, they are rightly given sympathy and help, and it is illegal to hurt them. Autistics are trapped wrong bodies too.

When Autistic people kill themselves, they are escaping their parents too, remember.